Mold Components For Dies


Many dies are designed with guided stripper plates.  Keyword: “guided”. Precision alignment of strippers is imperative for proper die functionality.  Typically, designers will install extra pins and bushings for this purpose in a variety of fashions.

The stripper plate area of a die is usually quite congested so fitting normal sized components there is quite difficult.  Instead, designers use small diameter and low profile components that fit uniquely into tight clearance areas and thin plates.  Although occasionally a ball bearing system can be used, mostly friction pins and bronze-lined or self lubricated bushings are installed.

In the Superior Master Catalog, we have many component options for this use.  Specifically, our die set type pins on pages 5060 and 5070 are displayed in a variety of sizes.

Although there are many bushings to choose from throughout the book, we have a ‘low profile’ option – both with our Bronze-Rite™ lining.  Page 5020 is a Superior standard bushing with a shoulder height of 1/2” (T) both in normal and long fit lengths (S) which offer extra bearing length (313P1005L).  Similarly, bushings manufactured to Lamina™ standards are found on page 5030, again with low profile options.

Another alignment system involves mold base components.  These parts are headed to prevent accidental removal during production.  Leader pins are offered in two styles (pages 4010 – 4020 and 4070) depending on press-fit length requirements. Ejector and core pins are well suited for this application also (see page 4150).

Bushings (pages 4030 – 4060) can be purchased in many sizes and materials and don’t require toe clamps for an ultra low configuration.  All Superior components can be downloaded in 3D models from our CADlink System available through our web site. Remember, UPS ground service is free when ordering on-line.

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