Our 2020 Highlights


There’s no doubt that 2020 was a challenging year. As a business we had to learn how to work virtually where we could, and to protect our essential workers so they could support COVID-19 manufacturing efforts. In honor of our employees and in recognition of their hard work and dedication, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on our 2020 highlights and accomplishments.



Part of our mission statement says we are dedicated to hiring, developing, retaining, and empowering employees to foster a safe work environment and build a high performing culture of excellence. Throughout 2020 we continued to work towards this and to invest in our talent.

Employee Safety

Throughout 2020 we took additional measures to keep our employees safe. Before any governing mask mandate was set, our employees were covering their faces while on-site. We also are very proud to report that we experienced no COVID-19 cases that were spread in the workplace throughout the pandemic.

Another notable achievement is that we were able to reduce our OSHA recordable incidents by 50% – great job to our employees!

Years of Service Awards
45 Years: Guy Fettig
40 Years: Craig Koch, James Murdoch, Jeffrey Shelley
35 Years: Edward Heise, Ronald Kovac, Edward Kuriga, Steven Maciolek
30 Years: Thomas Moczynski
25 Years: Darlene Bloxham, Jill Holst, Donald Lindquist, Matthew Rosploch, Scott Sadowski

New Hires
Wisconsin: Ryan Irene, Vice President of Operations; Mike Matusek, Operations Manager; Chris Tabat, Senior Manufacturing Engineer; Maria VanHaverbeck, Global Marketing Manager. In addition, Superior hired two quality-control engineers.

Poland: Artur Piotrowski, General Manager; Artur Skuciński; Robert Groborz, Director of Finance.



Another part of our mission states that we will help our customers grow by providing innovative solutions, creating new products and services, out pacing our competitors, and welcoming more value-added activities.

Throughout 2020 we brought 4 products lines to the market. We launched an online ecommerce store to make doing business with us even more convenient. We also developed a new service called the ONEsourceTM Advantage, which has already seen 10 of our key customers sign long-term agreements. Additional information will be released in the near future as we unveil our ONEsourceTM Advantage product and service offering.



Additionally, our mission states that it is important that we are always providing the highest form of customer satisfaction and value by consistently delivering best quality, precision products on time. Offering industry best lead times, and being receptive and responsive to customer needs.  

To improve our component availability, we consolidated our Greendale Precision Services division into our main Oak Creek facility. To plan and execute the move we used 3D printing and cell design to lay out operations before we relocated 45 machines and equipment to Oak Creek. To prepare Oak Creek, we had to move 15 machines to make space for the GPS equipment.

To improve operational performance and better meet customer needs, we’ve invested in redesigning our processes and investing in newer and improved technologies. Acquisitions include:

  • 2 Doosan 2550 & 2540 Bridge Mills
  • 4 Cosen Automatic Band Saws
  • 2 Faro Edge CMM Inspection Arms
  • Makino a81nx 4 axis HMC
  • Amada Duplex Mill, and Plate Mill
  • Gooda Double Head Large Plate Mill
  • Gooda Duplex Mill
  • HEM Plate Saw
  • Costa Metal Sander
  • 2 Large Surface Grinder
  • Sunnen CV Vertical Hone
  • Hyundai Kia 4 axis HMC

Strategic Partnerships
On our journey Back to Superior we thank our Strategic Partners in helping us achieve our goal of providing ONEsource competitive advantage to our customers.



Time Edge

We hired On-Time Edge to implement best-in-class Advanced Planning Scheduling software to substantially improve on-time delivery to customers and to optimize our factory capacity to enable growth.




Leeco Steel

We’ve partnered with Leeco Steel as our main steel provider. With their capability we are able to offer a wide variety of high-quality steel within a shortened lead time ensuring material availability for our customer’s needs.




Enterprise Kaizen

We hired Enterprise Kaizen’s founder, Thom Keehan, to run problem-solving training with our staff building upon the Strategy Deployment workshop he facilitated previously. Enterprise Kaizen is a strategic partner that assists companies with business transformation, strategy deployment, and operational excellence. We are continuing our journey to becoming a lean enterprise.


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