STOP MILLING AROUND – Let Superior square your blocks…


Superior Die Set has expanded own plate machining services with the addition of a precision dual spindle edge milling machine.  This new machine accurately mills the edges of plates to within .002” TIR with a maximum capacity of 16” high x 48” square.  The dual spindle action rapidly removes material on two opposing edges, then indexes 90 degrees and completes the process so that all 4 sides are milled square and parallel. This high-speed action provides lower costs and reduced lead times   The micro finish produced by this machine is better than most ground finishes, typically surpassing 32 Ra.

Superior now has two of these Quick-Mill machines, with our original machine handling plates up to 9” high x 31” x 31”.  We can even square plates much larger than 48” on our typical horizontal centers.  This service is being applied to plate used in mold bases, die sets, fixtures, parallels, or anything requiring beautiful and accurate machined edges.

A ‘Quick Mill’ video has been uploaded to our YouTube channel showing the capabilities of the machine along with some great examples

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