Plastics Technology magazine, October 2020 edition, published an article ( CLICK HERE ) on guided ejector systems. On page 34 of the article, it states that “If you look around, you can find a supplier that offers hardened steel guided ejection bushings (48-50 Rc) with a bronze-plated inside diameter and with internal grease groove. THESE ARE MY BUSHINGS OF CHOICE”. Superior offers a premier bushing of the author’s choice….Bronze-Rite guided ejector bushing.

The hardness on the steel portion of our Bronze Rite guided ejector bushings is 48-50 Rc. Also, these bushings are not plated; instead we use a special ‘fusion’ process to adhere the bronze to the steel. With this process, the bronze won’t peel, flake or chip off the steel. In fact, when we turn the bushings after hardening, the chip is half steel – half bronze and you cannot separate the two materials at the knit line.

We add about .015/.020” per side bronze to the ID of the bushings, but that varies by diameter. This allows the bushing to be honed to whatever specification is required by the application. This is unlike plating, which only allows only several thousandths per side and would be instantly honed off. These bushings, with the hardened steel exterior and bronze ID, will not deform, oval, or elongate like solid bronze bushings typically do.

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