Superior Die Set can supply the soft and hard tooling needed to manufacture a variety of medical equipment parts and devices. We know that the products we help make are working to improve the quality of life for the workers and patients that use them. Accuracy and reliability are the utmost priority when working with our medical customers and their projects.

Our talented engineering experts maintain the knowledge needed to support medical manufacturers and suppliers such as metal types, composition properties, and characteristics. We innovate cost-effective solutions that maintain the quality and performance of tooling and components.

Despite the rise in popularity of outsourcing we have chosen to keep production right where it’s been for almost a century – in-house. This strategy makes us an ideal partner to support medical manufacturing; we focus on maintaining quality and efficiency, streamlining processes, and delivering a wide range of standard to custom solutions – faster. We stock our own materials, make our own parts, and track the entire process, saving time, maximizing value, and minimizing liability.

We can offer:

● Design & Engineering
● Precision Machining
● Grinding
● Wire EDM
● Water-jet cutting
● Heat Treating
● Finishing
● Assembly

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