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What is ONEsource Advantage?

Purchase your die set, parallels, plate, tool steel, punches, and components – your whole package from one company on one purchase order. ONEsourceTM Advantage, offered exclusively by Superior Die Set, allows you to source all of your tool & die needs from one supplier. This program enables special discounts, saves you time, money, and simplifies your supply chain.

Consolidated freight

shipping more at once equates to volume discounts and overall less transportation costs

Straightforward quotation process

enjoy quoting priority which allows you to have more design time, and less designers required

Supplier reduction

maximize your productivity with less quoting, POs, receipts, and invoices - ONE supplier, ONE point of contact

ONEsource Advantage Just-in-Time Shipping

The ONEsourceTM Advantage program allows members to utilize JIT shipping. This is an important step to improve operations:
  • Order products all at one time on ONE purchase order
  • Shipments are scheduled according to the die build, so everything arrives right when its needed
  • Improves scheduling forecast which leads to optimized and accurate on-time-delivery
  • Eliminates shipping department clutter
  • Crates come labeled so they can be routed to first operation
  • Products invoiced upon shipment – not days after purchase
  • Improves customer cash flow by approximately 4-8 weeks.

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