Who We Are

Mission Statement

Being a global partner of choice means:

1. Providing the highest form of customer satisfaction & value by:

  • Consistently delivering best-quality, precision products on-time
  • Offering industry best lead times
  • Being receptive & responsive to customer needs

2. Hiring, developing, retaining, and empowering employees to foster a safe work environment and build a high-performing culture of excellence


3. Driving operational excellence through lean practices across the full enterprise


4. Helping our customers grow by:

  • Providing innovative solutions
  • Creating new products & services
  • Out-pacing our competitors
  • Welcoming more value-added activities

Our Core Values

Superior respect for all partners and employees

Integrity we do what is right… ALL the time
Honesty we communicate with candor and courage
Humility our employees and partners come first

Having a superior team

Investment that each of our employees may reach their highest potential
Engagement because “passions for contribution” leads to a sense of pride
Collaboration our employees and partners come first

Employ operational excellence leading to a superior culture

“Culture of Zero” - zero late shipments, defects, accidents, waste
Lean is our way of life
Creativity – we foster a culture of new ideas and innovation

Why Work With Us

Despite the popular rise in outsourcing, Superior Die Set Corporation has chosen to keep production right where it’s been for almost a century – in house. Rather than looking for a quick-fix to cut upfront costs, we focus on maintaining quality and efficiency, streamlining processes, and delivering a wide range of standard to custom solutions – faster.


We stock our own materials, make our own parts and track the entire process, saving time, maximizing value and minimizing liability. Applying our innovative in-house processes to everything we do enables us to meet the manufacturing needs of a variety of customers across a wide range of industries. That’s how we compete.

Our Story

Founded in 1923, Superior Die Set is a fourth-generation family owned manufacturer of steel and aluminum products. For almost 100 years we have been supporting key industries like metal stamping, plastic injection molding, and forging.


Expanding to a global operation through acquiring a Polish component maker, ProPlastica (FCPK Bytow) which serves the same industries in Poland and throughout Europe.


Today Superior Die Set employs over 400 people worldwide.

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